Fitness Outdoors


NGF and Fresh-Air Fitness have teamed up to bring to you the best in outdoor exercise equipment. This range of equipment has been professionally designed and developed to be permanently installed outdoors in parks, schools, community areas and hotels, in fact anywhere where members of the public might want to exercise.



Who is outdoor fitness equipment for?

The great thing obout NGF exercise equipment is that it is for all ages, from teenagers through to the elderly.  It is popular with all abilities, from beginners to advanced athletes. When installed in public places it gives everyone the chance to exercise, stay fit and keep trim. There are no membership fees to pay here!


For more fitness ideas for adults and children, see the Trim Trails section

Air Walker

air_walker.jpgair walker


The Air Walker is universally popular. It provides excellent cardiovascular excercise while developing the leg muscles. It is also available as a Double Air Walker for two to use at once








Air Skier

air skierAir Skier

air skier


By swinging both legs together from side to side the Air Skier strengthens and develops the lower abdomen, hips and thighs. Using an air skier is an excellent warm-up and work-out for skiers and anyone else trying to get fitter.


The air skier is always a very popular piece of outdoor fitness equipment, both on its own and as part of a longer fitness trail.







Leg Lift Station

leg_lift_station.jpgleg lift station


The Leg Lift Station is used to perform knee raises and leg lifts to strengthen the abdomen and upper thighs.









Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical_cross_trainer.jpgElliptical Cross Trainer


The Elliptical Cross Trainer provides an excellent full-body cardiovascular work-out




For more fitness ideas for adults and children, see the Trim Trails section