Polycarbonate Canopies

Our Canopies can be wall-mounted or free standing, and you can choose from a canopy with timber, steel or aluminium framework

Able Canopy at Wells next Sea










timber framed canopies:


A cost-effective timber canopy can be designed and built to provide a robust covering for almost any shape and size of space. It can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and will give an attractive, natural appearance while providing protection from the weather.


This example is at Sedgeford Pre-School, where it is providing a covered play space so that children can enjoy outdoor activities in most weathers.




















A canopy like this can be supplied with or without steel ground anchors, and it will  include guttering.  Our timber canopies are suitable for adult uses as well as for schools, making attractive and cost-effective door canopies and smoking shelters.



Wall mounted aluminium canopies:


Reception class canopy. The Able Coniston range of wall-mounted canopies can be between 2.5m and 6m wide, and any length.  The framework is aluminium, covered with white PVCu, and the roof panels are polycarbonate, with UV protection.


This example is a 6m x 5m Coniston, installed in the outdoor Reception class area at Lyng Primary School



  Freestanding Canopies:

canopies Parkers Primary

The Grange free standing mono pitch canopy is perfect for area where a canopy is close to a building, but cannot be fixed to a wall.  It uses the same roof system as the Coniston, with a strong steel underside frame and posts.







The Ullswater free standing canopy system from Able has a gable ended low pitch roof.  The roof span can be up to 6m, with unlimited length.  Ullswaters have a steel underside frame and posts, with PVCu finish roof frame and polycarbonate panels.  Side panels can be added.