A Canvas Gazebo for shade and shelter


A Canvas Gazebo offers shade from the sun in summer and shelter from the rain in winter. 

It is simple to install, and makes a permanent canopy that enables ‘all weather’ use of your outdoor space.  This picture shows a 5m Gazebo with a green roof.  Sizes range from 3m to 10m.


  • Outdoor Classrooms

  • Waiting Areas

  • Smoking Shelters

  • Alfresco Dining

  • Play Areas, sandpit shelters


This Canvas Gazebo is as resilient as it is attractive.  It is constructed from hard wearing timber, with a roof made from marine-grade acrylic canvas.  There are seven popular colours and a range of sizes to choose from.   Wherever you need protection from the elements, our Gazebo has it covered


canvas gazebo with sandbox as a package


canvas gazebo



A 3m canvas gazebo over a simple, robust sandbox.  This sandbox measures 1.7m square, and has a blue vinyl cover to keep the sand clean when not in use.  The gazebo provides shelter from both sun and rain, allowing the sandbox to be used more often.



The sandbox can be supplied with or without legs, to make it suitable for smaller or taller children.  The legs increase the height to 615mm.




4m gazebo


 4m gazebo

A 4m canvas gazebo over a storytelling / seating area.


Planters have been used to enhance the corners.









5m gazebo


5m Gazebo compressed


A 5m gazebo over an informal seating area