Play boats

These brightly coloured Theme Play Boats are made from recycled plastic, play boatsand provide realistic and affordable role-play fun. Each of these boats is 3.6m long, and 1.2m wide.  The Fishing Boat is bright red, with benches in the cabin, a ship’s wheel, and plenty of space for the fishermen to work!

The Pirate Ship is better camouflaged, in brown, with benches, a pirate flag, and space for the loot!

There is also a shorter version of the pirate boat, just 2.2m long for play in smaller spaces.

Steam Express train

This role-play train for early years has an Engine and three bright carriages, all with plenty of space for passengers.  The driver has dials to check that all is going well, and the Engine features a crawl-through tunnel at the front as well as side benches.train - enginetrain carriagefull train










Each carriage has one forward and one rear facing benches.





teepeeOur Teepee is another new and attractive addition to our range.  This is an ideal place for a group of children to play together or just to chat.  It will give shade in hot weather, and shelter when the weather is less pleasant.  This means that outdoor imaginative play is possible most days.


The design is based on the original conical tipi tent, but made from our usual high quality FSC timber, and guaranteed against rot.


It was designed for schools, but the NGF Teepee is equally suitable for public play areas and large gardens.

Learning through Play



learning first letter sounds


This clever learning panel has sliding letters for children to find the right first letter for each word.  This makes learning phonics fun!  It has been designed in response to teachers’ ideas for a phonics panel.  It can be produced with your own set of phonics letters, words to complete, and graphics hints.  There are no loose parts to tidy up afterwards.

Fire Engine

The new fire engine is suitable for ages 3 to 11

Fire Engine

The Fire Engine is made of bright read and yellow recycled plastic, with polycarbonate dome headlights at the front for even more realism.    It has an anti-slip deck and steps, and comes complete with a stainless steel fireman’s pole and a dashboard with a steering wheel.  The fire engine driver has a bench to sit on, and there are two steps to give access to the pole, for firefighters in a hurry!

Fire Engine rear view


 This truck gives endless fun and opportunities for roleplay and learning.  The dashboard is complete with a bright steering wheel.  It can be upgraded to a PlayTronic panel with sound effects – sirens, a horn, engine start and HQ communications.



The Fire Engine measures about 2.5m long with the pole, by 1.25m wide.  It is supplied pre-assembled, ready to install on your site.