Outdoor Classrooms – whatever your needs

Whatever you need from an Outdoor Classroom – from a fully enclosed room to an open shelter, with seating, whiteboards, water supply, electrical services –  we can design and build a suitable building.

Forest Pavilions

Pavilion 4.5mForest Pavilions all come complete with a decked floor, solid timber or balustrade lower wall panels, and a choice of thatch or timber roof.  Installation of the building is included in the price.


They can be Hexagonal, Square or Oval, and come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of locations and uses. 

 prices start at £2,279


Eco Classroom

beginning the cob walls


The cob walling has now started on Taverham Hall School’s new Eco Classroom.


The classroom has a living sedum roof, box seating, and Belfast sink with water supply.  Canvas top panels have been added for more comfort when the weather is less kind.