Planter Pond Combination

planterThis planter / pond combination was especially designed and manufactured for Hingham Primary School.  It was constructed out of heavy duty pressure treated timbers, topped with a smooth rounded seat.




Sandpits for Schools

A sandpit is always a popular choice for a play area for small children.  We can offer a range of timber and HDPE sandpits to suit all situations.

canvas gazebo

sliding lids sandpit

This strong timber sandpit (Left) comes with sliding lids to keep the sand clean and dry when not in use.  It is delivered in just three pieces – the base and the two lids – for very easy self-assembly.  It measures 1.5m by 1.5m, and costs £645 excluding delivery & VAT.

lift-off lids:


This picture (Left) shows our 1.6m x 1.4m sandpit with lift-off lids.  Starting at £495, and can be supplied with a roof (this one is 1.5m x 1.5m)  Other sizes can be made to order.

vinyl cover:

sandbox cropped, compressed
canvas gazebo

This sandbox has 615mm legs, to make it suitable for slightly older children.

Sandpit without legs, with membrane liner:

Sandpit no legs
sandpit with cover

Any of our timber sandpits can be installed under a canvas gazebo, to give protection from rain and sun.

The ultimate sand play area

This installation at a school has a natural log edging giving a large play space.

Interactive play has been enhanced with the addition of a tower with features such as a bucket on a pulley and a sand chute.

HDPE sand and water play:

HDPE sand
HDPE water

This sturdy moulded HDPE table has a basin suitable for use with sand or water.  With a table height of 570mm it is suitable for children from 2 years.  The removable lid keeps the contents clean when not in use.

There is a choice of bright colours, and the unit is designed to be freestanding, although ground fixing kits are available if desired.  The HDPE construction means it can be left out of doors.