Forest Pavilions

Pavilion 4.5mForest Pavilions all come complete with a decked floor, solid timber or balustrade lower wall panels, and a choice of thatch or timber roof.  Installation of the building is included in the price.


They can be Hexagonal, Square or Oval, and come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of locations and uses. 

 prices start at £2,279


A Canvas Gazebo for shade and shelter


A Canvas Gazebo offers shade from the sun in summer and shelter from the rain in winter. 

It is simple to install, and makes a permanent canopy that enables ‘all weather’ use of your outdoor space.  This picture shows a 5m Gazebo with a green roof.  Sizes range from 3m to 10m.


  • Outdoor Classrooms

  • Waiting Areas

  • Smoking Shelters

  • Alfresco Dining

  • Play Areas, sandpit shelters


Polycarbonate Canopies

Our Canopies can be wall-mounted or free standing, and you can choose from a canopy with timber, steel or aluminium framework

Able Canopy at Wells next Sea










Shade Sails

yellow shade sail

 Shade sail at Scarning








Shade Sails are attractive permanent structures.  They provide shade and UV protection for children’s play and for adult seating areas.   They come in an enormous range of colours, and the variety of shapes available means there is a unlimited choice of design.  FULL INFORMATION »

Eco Classroom

beginning the cob walls


The cob walling has now started on Taverham Hall School’s new Eco Classroom.


The classroom has a living sedum roof, box seating, and Belfast sink with water supply.  Canvas top panels have been added for more comfort when the weather is less kind.