Minibeast Springers

The new minibeast springers are cute, fun and lovable spring rocker characters for the playground.  As with all springers, they

are the ideal way to provide fun for the younger children.  Sit-in springers are extra easy to use for the very youngest.


MINIBEAST SPRINGERS £490 eachminibeast springer Beeminibeast springer -  CaterpillarLily Ladybird spring rockerSydney Snail spring rocker











Young children love minibeasts!  Our minibeast Springers – Betty Bee, Cecil Caterpillar, Lily Ladybird and Sydney Snail – are all waiting to play with your 2-7 year olds!

Playground Spring Rockers

Spring Rockers provide great fun for younger children  They come in a range of fun designs and a range of prices.  The animal ones are to sit on and ride, while others are designed to sit in.  A spring rocker will be very popular with small children, and will enhance the toddler area of your playing fieldSpring Rocker

Sit-on Springers


sit-on springerSit-on Springers are the most economical springers, starting with the Prancer (right) at £330sit-on springer.  Sit-on springers are suitable for children from 2 to 7 years. 

The Duck sit-on Springer (left) is from the Farm range, which also includes a chicken, a cat and a dog as well as the sit-in springers.

The Original range (pictured below) includes the elephant and lion as well as a dragon, a parrot, a dolphin and a seal.  




Sit-in Springers

There are Sit-in springers in the Farm, Original and Minibeast ranges – ideal for imaginative play.  The tractor and minivan allow roleplay – be the driver!


The backrests and slip-resistant seats make these springers suitable for the youngest children to play with confidence.  




Cow Springer



Lily Ladybird springer










Tractor springer



Minivan Springer