Safer Surfaces for playgrounds

NGF Play  supply and install safer surfaces for new and existing play equipment.

All surfaces are installed to BS EN 1177


Please contact us for advice about the most suitable safer surface for your playground

GrassLok matting

‌GrassLok matting is a rubber tile that when placed around play equipment allows the grass to grow through and so retain a natural appearance whilst providing the necessary impact resistance.  For it to be effective it needs to be installed on well established grass or recently laid turf. ‌                                                                                       ‌ ‌     ‍                                                                           GrassLok, just laid

GrassLok matting after a few months

‌ ­ ‌




‍‌GrassLok matting meets safety standards  BS EN 1177

These pictures show the appearance of GrassLok matting when it is first laid (left), and then after a few months when the grass has grown through it.  You can see how as well as providing a safer surface for children, it is also protecting the grass under the swing from damage.  This example is at Bintree, Norfolk.

Woodchip in wooden retainer

woodchipwoodchip safer surface

We can supply woodchip to make a safer surface beneath your play equipment, and if necessary install a wooden retainer to keep it where you want it.  Woodchip needs to be installed to a depth of 300mm to provide a suitable safer surface.

Ecobond all-weather safer surfacing

ecobond.jpgEcobond all-weather surfacing

Ecobond is a recycled rubber shredded mulch that when mixed with resin and laid to a depth of 40mm creates a solid rubber mass.  It is porous to water, maintenance free and meets British and European safety standards BS EN 1177. It can be laid directly onto grass using a weed suppressant membrane with no expensive base works required.


We used Ecobond under the big new climbing frame at Wix (see the pictures here) to provide a safer surface for climbing children.


wetpour.jpgwetpour at Parkers Primary











Wetpour all weather surfacing

Wetpour (sometimes know as rubber tarmac) is a granular rubber that when mixed with a polyurethane binder and laid over a hard base forms a continuous joint-free soft porous surface.  It meets British and European safety standards BS EN 1177.  Wetpour can be paid in black or in a combination of colours to provide road layouts, ‘water’ around Adventure Ships, or to give separate playground areas.