Trim Trail

Why a Trim Trail?


A trim trail is a collection of pieces of fun activity equipment.  The trail can be arranged continuously, giving children (and adults) the challenge of getting from one end to the other without touching the ground.  Alternatively, it can be laid out amongst trees or around a park, creating a pleasant walk or run from one item to the next. 

Many trim trail items are low level, since the main aim is to balance and move along the equipment.  This is ideal for young children to improve their co-ordination.  We have grouped these together below in the ‘balance trails’ section.  Other pieces are higher, and require a safer surface beneath them, in case of falls.  These are listed here as ‘fitness trails’ since a little more climbing and effort is involved.  It is always possible, though, to combine both types of equipment in your trail, giving a variety of challenges to suit everyone.Trim Trail

Low Level Balancing Trails

Balancing trail

A low level balancing trail, or Playtrail, will provide endless challenge and fun for children of all ages.  For the younger children, just getting along one piece of equipment without touching the ground will be an enormous achievement. 



short balancing trailAs they get older, they will set themselves harder challenges!  The trail can be laid out with all the pieces together. Children will then compete to get round the whole trail without any contact with the ground.  This example of a short balancing trail  has a Tyre Crossing, Stilts, Inclined Balance Beams, a Wobble Board and a vertical Jungle Rope Crossing.  Stepping Stones link the items and make it possible to go from one to the next without touching the ground.


Another way to use a balancing trail is to arrange the items along a longer route.  Then both adults and children can enjoy a walk or a run in pleasant surroundings, stopping for a fun balance challenge at several points along the way.  See below for details of some of the items to include:

 balancing trail

rolling log crossing


A 200mm log mounted between two vertical timbers, and with a rope to hang on to (if you need to!)

Can you keep your balance? 



Fitness trails

A fitness trail can include any combination of the available items:

more choice than there is room for here!  The fitness trail, like the balancing trail, can either be a group of items together, or it can be spread along a longer walking or running trail.  Some of the fitness trail items are illustrated below.  The frames are made with 130mm x 90mm timber.  This is top quality pressure-treated timber. 


net rockwall - fitness trailnet/rockwall combination  Net.Rockwall - fitness

This is 1.2m at the highest point, and 2m wide.  The net side is made with steel reinforced rope, and the rockwall has hand and foot holds on timber planks.  This one has been installed with an bonded safer surface.


Climbing up and over is great fun, and improves children’s agility and confidence.