Play accessories for your climber

More opportunities for children to use their imagination and play their own games.


play accessories include:


Rock Climbing Footholds for you to make your own climbing wall,

Ship’s steering wheel, telescope and periscope to make your climbing frame into a ship,

A Fireman’s pole for exciting and imaginative play

Basketball hoop and a ball (sold separately)


chalkboard, chalk, plastic telephone, telescope,  garden toy




Rock-climbing footholds

green resin rock-climbing footholds for climberThese rock-climbing footholds are ideal to make your climbing frame more exciting!


The resin has a textured surface for great grip and each stone is shaped to provide challenge and safety.


The stones can be fitted to any strong surface but come with fixings designed to secure the stones to wood.


This set includes 5 green stones and fixings and they can be spread out as close together or far apart as needed for your child’s age and ability.  Add them to an existing climbing frame, or create a linked or separate climbing slope.




Fireman’s Pole

fireman's poleFor an emergency exit from your climbing frame, there’s nothing like a fireman’s pole to slide down!



fireman’s pole £90.00

Ship’s Wheel

ship's wheel for climbing frameThis realistic ship’s wheel can be attached to your climbing frame or any other timber structure in the garden.  It comes with the fixings you need to attach it to wood.   A ship’s wheel will add to the imaginative ways the kids can play with their frame.





Telescope-ATJE-5000-GreensmlPlastic Telescope, for fun only (no enlargement or magnification). 30.5 cm length, supplied with all attachments required.


Telescope has full 360 degree movement.