Kingswood Tower Playcentre

Kingswood Tower climbing frame with swing arm and slide

The Kingswood Tower is another set that can be added to as you decide.  This is a bigger Tower, with two very spacious platforms, a lookout, an internal access ladder, a climbing wall, an integral sandpit complete with cover and an under platform shaded play area – and that is just the tower!

our prices start from just £699.99 for the Tower, or £764.98 with a crazywavy slide!


Jungle Gyms from Home Front

Jungle Gyms


These Jungle Gyms from Home Front offer a range of back garden climbing frames constructed to last  as long as your children want to play.  They are all constructed with heavy duty timber, with fully rounded edges, and put together with stainless steel hardware.



They include the Canyon system for slightly younger children, and the Jungle, Mountain and Cosmic Adventurer systems for the really active youngsters. 



You can choose from a huge range of add-ons to create just the climber you want.  All the Jungle Gyms – the Canyon, Jungle, Mountain and Cosmic Adventurers – work on a similar modular system.Jungle Gyms



This is just one example of how you can put

your own climber together:


See below for more details and prices of the different models


Canyon Adventurer

Canyon climbing frame climber NorfolkThe Canyon Adventurer system features a tower with a 1.2m high platform , ideal for little ones.


This system starts at under £1,000, and you can add a range of extras





Canyon Adventurer Twin



For this Canyon Adventurer Twin two Canyon towers with wood roofs are linked together by a bridge, and there is a gangplank, a ladder, a set of steps and two slides as well as a swing beam for two swings.  Plenty of room for a whole crowd of children to play! 




Jungle Adventurer

The Jungle Adventurer is based on a play tower with a 1.5 m high playdeck, with two walls and a heavy duty vinyl tent top.  Then you can choose from a choice of pre-planned packages, or design your own system from a wide range of accessories.

jungle adventurer


The base package as above is priced at £775.


This example has a slide, a cargo net, a ladder, two swings and a climbing rope, and would cost you £1429.


For more examples of how the Jungle Adventurer can be put together: