Sherwood Swing Frame

Sherwood Swing frame with two Timber Seats

swing NGF Sherwood


There is not a Garden Swing  on the market to compete with this heavy duty, robust swing frame, which is ideal for children and teenagers.


Single frame – £275

double frame – £297

Triple frame – £325

(prices include VAT)



Timber Swing Seat £29.99 each.  There is a full range of other seats available.



Sherwood Adult Swing Frame

an even stronger version of our sherwood swing – the Adult Swing is suitable for teenagers and adults of any size and ability!


Like the standard Sherwood swing, this semi-commercial, adult swing frame can be supplied in single, double or triple versions.  It is suitable for use by adults of any size and all abilities.  We have tested the adult swing up to a combined weight of over 500kg!  Just add your choice of seats, from either our residential or commercial range, relax and enjoy the fun.


single adult swing frame – £365 (prices include vat)

double adult swing frame – £395

triple adult swing frame – £425


adult swing adult swing









The picture on the left shows a double swing frame with a residential nest seat.  Residential nests start at £85.  Residential flat timber swing seats with ropes start at £29.99.  A strong heavy duty flat seat with galvanised chains is £59.50, or £97.50 with stainless steel chains.  We also have extra wide seats available, and these cost £22 on top of the usual prices for heavy duty seats.


The right-hand picture shows the same frame with a commercial nest seat.  This is suitable for larger adults and for several people to swing at once.  These seats are priced from £720.


The adult Sherwood is particularly popular with special schools, residential care homes, as well as families with adult children who like to swing.


Having completed the installation of the swing it can be tested by children and grandparents together.









Nest Swing Seats

The Nest Swing Seat is one of the most popular items in the playground. Now you can have your very own in the garden too.



1.2m domestic nest seat

A superb heavy duty 1.2m Nest Seat uses soft rope and is suitable for all ages including teenagers with a combined weight of up to 300Kg


Price – £545.00






1m Domsestic nest seat

Heavy duty 1.0m Nest seat with Polypropylene ropes. Same specifications as the 1.2m Nest Seat


Price – £345.00









Oval basket-style nest Swing

Oval Nest Seat

Measuring 1080mm x 835mm it is big enough for 2 or even 3 swingers, with a combined weight of up to 160Kg, if your frame is strong enough.


Price – £140.00


We recommend 2 of our Duo-swing brackets for this item – additional £49.50






Nest Swing

giant round nest swing

The Giant Nest Swing Seat is a 1.2m diameter nest swing. Perfect for single use or sharing, sitting up or laying down.
The total maximum weight limit is 120kgs.
Suitable for children aged from 4 years old, this Nest Swing has adjustable ropes and is delivered pre-assembled.


Price – £79.99





swibee   Swibee nest swing

This is another option for your nest seat.  This 1000mm round seat is made from water repellent fabric and a PE mesh seat surface, in either apple green or blue, with black contrast.

The rope length is adjustable.

This swing is delivered in a compact box for easy home assembly.


Price – £85.00





Knightswood Swing Frame from Tp


The Triple Tp Knightswood swing frame is a strong and attractive frame.  It has space for you to add your choice of three swing seats or accessories (two if one of them is the Nest Swing in this picture).  Suitable for 3-10 years.


The knightswood triple swing frame with nest swing and wooden seat, as pictured, costs £309.97


for ‘frame only’ prices and the smaller double version – see ‘full information’ below




TP Double Giant Swing Frame


The TP Giant Swing frames give fun for all the family.  These fantastic swing frames are compatible with our full range of swing seats.


Double Giant swing frame £169.99 TP Double Swing frame


seats start from £24.99









Triple Giant

triple giant swing frame £199.99