BERG trampolines – new to our range

we have added berg trampolines to our range to give you even more choiceBerg

BERG trampolines are high quality, with a range of models and a choice of safety nets.

Sizes of these round BERG trampolines range from 180cm (6 ft) up to 430cm (14ft).

There is also a rectangular model – the Eazyfit, which is 355x245cm and the really large oval version, at 515x380cm – an enormous 16ft9in x 12ft6in


In-ground BERG Trampolines

in-ground and flatground trampolines from the berg range



An In-ground trampoline will make your garden right up-to-date!  By having your trampoline dug into your lawn, you gain fun for all the family.  There need be no arguments, as several can have fun together.  You do not need a safety enclosure, so it is easy to use, and does not change the view of the garden.


Springfree Trampoline


round_springfree.jpgspringfree Trampoline – the safest you can buy


The Springfree Trampoline from NGF is the safest and most innovative trampoline on the market today.  It will look great in any garden.


Without springs and rigid poles, the risk of injury has been minimised and you can relax while your children get active.


Springfree went back to the drawing board and completely removed the four impact zones that cause injury on traditional trampolines – not just padded over them.

– No steel frame

– No springs

– You cannot fall off

– You cannot injure yourself on rigid steel enclosure poles


This trampoline is so safe because the ‘bounce’ is provided by plastic coated fibreglass rods, which are situated outside the safety net.

The bouncing space on our 10ft round trampoline is equivalent to that of a 12ft round trampoline with springs:  No Springs = More Jumping Space.

prices from £895.00


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