Cotswold Garden Furniture

We can supply the whole range of Hutton garden furniture.


cotswold garden furniture:

4ft Cotswold Garden Bench

cotswold garden benches:

This is an attractive traditional-style bench. It is available in three sizes:


Cotswold 4ft bench – our price £205.00  (Illustrated)

Cotswold 5ft bench – our price £220.00

Cotswold 6ft bench – our price £240.00




Hutton Cotswold garden table

Cotswold garden dining table5 piece set


This table is the ideal size and shape to use with two 5ft Cotswold benches.  The ends are wide enough to take a Cotswold chair.  The table measures 1780mm x 1000mm.


Cotswold Dining Table – our price £320.00



Hutton Cotswold chaircotswold garden chairs

The same attractive design as the benches


Cotswold Chair – our price £160 each






Hutton companion seat



Cotswold companion set


Companion set £340






Hutton rocker

Cotswold rocking chair


Rocking Chair £190


All prices include VAT