Forest Pavilions

Pavilion 4.5mForest Pavilions all come complete with a decked floor, solid timber or balustrade lower wall panels, and a choice of thatch or timber roof.  Installation of the building is included in the price.


They can be Hexagonal, Square or Oval, and come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of locations and uses. 

 prices start at £2,279

Forest Pavilions make excellent outdoor Classrooms, ideal for Forest Schools, summer lessons, shade and shelter, a meeting place, parents’ collection point, smoking shelter for pubs, or performance area.


They are manufactured from Radiata Play Poles which are pressure treated and guaranteed for a period of 15 years.



pavilion, Bintree



This 3.6m Hexagonal Forest Pavilion, at Bintree in Norfolk,  has a wooden roof, and a combination of solid and balusatrade lower walls.  It makes the ideal shelter for a village playing field.






Great Hockham Primary School chose the thatched 4.5m Hexagonal version for their new outdoor classroom:


pavilion, Gt Hockham





inside pavilionThe classroom includes seating, a whiteboard, roll-down canvas panels, and a wheelchair access ramp.  This inside view at Hockham shows how useful it can be.


Further options are box seating and a sedum roof.







pavilion ovalOur largest Forest Pavilion is the oval pavilion. 

Oval pavilions are ideal for sports clubs, pubs, and other amenity uses, as well as making ideal outdoor classrooms.  They are available in three sizes, from 3.8m to 6.2m long, and just like the hexagonal and square versions, they have a choice of roof.  This picture shows the 6.2m x 4.8m pavilion, with a thatched roof and optional blinds.



Square Forest Pavilion:


pavilion, square