Gate Lodge Climbing Frame

The Gate Lodge climbing frame is a specially designed wooden climbing frame which offers guaranteed FUN. It will suit boys and girls of any age, ability or interests.   The layout is flexible to suit any garden.


Gate Lodge Climbing Frame

This 1.8m square Gate Lodge has a great front balcony and is perfect for both older children who need a space away from the house to chill and for younger children who use the space as a playhouse. The platform is 1.5m above the ground.   The Balcony can be reached by the climbing wall or the easy access 4 rung ladder, that can be fixed to the front or the side..  Once on the balcony your child can play inside the den with its square unglazed windows and pitched roof or slide back down to floor level using the 3m wavy slide, which comes in a range of fun colours.  The fenced area underneath features a table and benches – a great space for arts and crafts.


Gate Lodge Climbing FrameThe Gate Lodge wooden climbing frame even features a double swing arm with two fully adjustable pine wood swing seats with strong and durable Poly Hemp ropes. A third swing seat or accessory can be added to the extra swing hanger to add even more fun.


This version is without the lower den or the climbing wall.

The Gate Lodge without the lower den section is still a wonderful and substantial climbing frame offering the same fantastic play house/hang out space for your children as the original Gate Lodge frame. This version still includes a den space raised up on a 1.5m platform with ship-lap wooden sides, 3m slide (available in three funky colors) and great double swing arm with pine wood swing seats.

Everything that you see in the Gate Lodge is included in the price including wooden swing seats as standard.


gate lodge climbing frame with lower den and climbing wall £1849.00

gate lodge Climbing frame without lower den £1395.00