GrassLok matting

‌GrassLok matting is a rubber tile that when placed around play equipment allows the grass to grow through and so retain a natural appearance whilst providing the necessary impact resistance.  For it to be effective it needs to be installed on well established grass or recently laid turf. ‌                                                                                       ‌ ‌     ‍                                                                           GrassLok, just laid

GrassLok matting after a few months

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‍‌GrassLok matting meets safety standards  BS EN 1177

These pictures show the appearance of GrassLok matting when it is first laid (left), and then after a few months when the grass has grown through it.  You can see how as well as providing a safer surface for children, it is also protecting the grass under the swing from damage.  This example is at Bintree, Norfolk.