Hex Towers

hex towers

Hex-Climbers have been designed by NGF Play

and built in our own workshops

They come in three different sizes and can be

customized to meet specific needs





Mini-Hex Tower

The Mini-Hex Climber comes complete with a

wooden roof over the 2 metre high platform

Multiple options to access the tower can include

ladder, climbing ramp and a cargo net.

A slide and a fireman’s pole provide a quick exit.




Midi-Hex Tower

A larger platform creates more space for active

play coupled with more challenging ways for access

A rockwall has been added






Maxi-Hex Tower

A larger and higher platform again increase the

challenges on offer in order to gain access.

A vertical cargo net can added.

The extra height allows for longer slides and

could include an enclosed spiral slide.




Climbers do not have to stand alone and can

be combined with other towers from our range

These can have all the accessories listed above

and can be connected by a variety of bridges

creating a complete home, fort or castle