Log Pile Climber

log pile climber

 log pile climber

A Log Pile Climber is an exciting climbing frame that allows real challenge.

Children can develop their climbing skills and confidence in a more natural  environment.

Scramble nets add variety to the climbing.





We make these climbers in our workshop, so we can work with the size and shape of the space you have available, and the likely age range of the young people likely to use the climber.


log pile climber

log pile climber at mileham

We can produce many designs in different sizes and heights, to suit your budget and situation.  This one has a vertical climbing net as well as angled scramble nets.

Climbing / scramble nets and ropes can be combined with the log pile to create just the right climbing frame for each space.

Just like our Woodland Climbers, the Log Piles are constructed from strong and smooth Radiata Play Poles





log pile 1 at tasburgh









log pile 2 at sculthorpe







log pile 3 at hardingham









log pile 3 with platform and slide at Thrigby hall