Malvern Playden

malvern playden

The Malvern Playden is the smallest of our Malvern playhouses.  It will fit into even the smallest gardens, at an affordable price.

All the Malvern playhouses come with ledged doors which have piano style hinges, angled to leave a gap when shut.There is also a gap between the stable doors, all to prevent fingers getting trapped.  Windows are glazed with safety acrylic.


Malvern playden (6′ x 4′) – £510 including delivery

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The Malvern Playden measures 6′ wide and is 4′ deep – space for plenty of imaginative play, and an attractive feature in your garden.

Options include a chimney to make your playden even more picturesque, and a paint pack in red or green to accentuate the window frames and attractive wavy bargeboards.

Floor bearers can be supplied to save you preparing a solid base.