Matrix Net – the best pyramid net!

Hirstys Matrix Net


A Matrix net can be made in a variety of pyramid shapes and sizes to suit all ages and all sites. For really challenging climbing, see our Matrix 6!


We make our Matrix Nets in sizes from 3m to 6m high to suit all ages.  The larger ones provide excitement and challenge for the slightly older age range.


The view from the top of the 5m netview from the top


Dare you climb it and look down at this view?






more fun at Hirstys

This picture shows the variety of ways to reach the top,


with rope ladders inside the main pyramid shape.

This popular Matrix at Hirsty’s Family Fun Park provides challenge and fun for children who love to climb.  It is the perfect complement to the other NGF climber at Hirsty’s – our timber combine, which gives an exciting play experience for slightly younger children who enjoy climbing all the way through the big machine.


evening sunshinematrix net 4 at amazona zoo, cromer, norfolk

This one is at Cromer Zoo.  This is our Matrix 4, with an overall height of 4m.








Matrix Pyramid Net 3matrix net 3 at the kiptons









Matrix pyramid net


This is another view of the Matrix 3 at The Kiptons, with one of our Home Front climbers in the background