Trim Trail

Why a Trim Trail?


A trim trail is a collection of pieces of fun activity equipment.  The trail can be arranged continuously, giving children (and adults) the challenge of getting from one end to the other without touching the ground.  Alternatively, it can be laid out amongst trees or around a park, creating a pleasant walk or run from one item to the next. 

Many trim trail items are low level, since the main aim is to balance and move along the equipment.  This is ideal for young children to improve their co-ordination.  We have grouped these together below in the ‘balance trails’ section.  Other pieces are higher, and require a safer surface beneath them, in case of falls.  These are listed here as ‘fitness trails’ since a little more climbing and effort is involved.  It is always possible, though, to combine both types of equipment in your trail, giving a variety of challenges to suit everyone.Trim Trail