Forest Towers


Our entry level range of 1m x 1m towers.

Constructed in our own workshop from strong 95mm x 95mm square cut timber.

All of our towers are have steel anchors to give a secure and long lasting structure.

These towers are best suited for the under fives.


The Forest Single Tower

An ideal first experience for any budding adventurer.

From the simplicity of a single tower design the first inquisitive steps can be taken and confidence gained while support and encouragement can be given from all sides.










The Forest Twin Tower

The addition of an extra tower provides better interaction through imaginative role playing.



The Forest Triple Tower

With a third tower installed the number of addition items makes for a complete play area that will satisfy the most demanding of players.

More space provides the opportunity of increased access. As well as steps and slides other additions can include tunnels, bridges, rockwalls and even a den can be built into the base.