Package 4 – Maxi-Hex 2.5m

Package 4 – Maxi-Hex 2.5m


  • 3.1 x 3.6m platform at 2.5m height
  • 2m Stainless Steel Slide
  • Cargo Net
  • Climb Ramp with Rope Pull
  • Log Ladder
  • Tumble/Chin Up Bars
  • CFH: 2m

Hex Climbers Generic Details

Our Hexagonal platform towers come in three versatile sizes – Mini (2m), Midi (3m) and Maxi (3.6m) making them suitable for any size and any budget. They can be set at any height, allowing all age groups to benefit form this exiting climber.
The Hex Climber makes a perfect standalone item with the addition of climbing accessories and slides. Or combine your Hex Climber with additional Hex or Woodland Towers, using bridges and tunnels, to create the ultimate adventure play system. Or you might consider a multiple floor arrangement. Ask for details of our Mega Maxi-Hex with Bird’s nest roof which stands a massive 7m high.
3 standard sizes of hexagonal platform
Platform heights from 1m – 2.5m
Constructed from 125mm – 150mm Radiata Pine Play Poles
Mini-Hex available with wood roof
Choice of climbing and sliding accessories
Midi-Hex compatible with Woodland Tower Range
Long Life Steel Ground Anchors as standard


  • 3m x 3.5m x 2.5m (platform height) Hexagonal Tower Climber
  • Rock Wall to 2.5m platform with double thickness matting at base
  • Climbing Ramp with twin ropes to 2.5m platform
  • Log Ladder to 2.5m platform
  • 3m drop HDPE Enclosed Spiral Slide to 2.5m platform
  • Additional Central Floor Access Hatch (no roof), safety rail & vertical tunnel net
  • CFH: 2.5m