Wall Marimba

Wall Marimba

We’ve taken the humble Marimba, given it a twist and lifted it up onto the wall.

The notes of the Wall Marimba are made from polished GRP and when hit with one of the attached beaters make a very characteristic, distinct sound. The GRP is made to look like our favorite hardwood – purple heart – it’s also extremely strong and robust and virtually maintenance-free.

The Wall Marimba is tuned to the C-Major Diatonic Scale covering two octaves from C4-C6. The chimes are mounted using the new universal wall mounting brackets which can be used on virtually any surface

Wall-mounted outdoor musical instruments such as the Wall Marimba provide the perfect solution to liven up a difficult or overlooked area and work well where there is limited space available such as courtyards, covered patios, and other outdoor structures or classrooms.

Did you know? The word Marimba is formed from Ma ‘many’ and Rimba ‘single-bar xylophones’